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roof repair and installation

Roof Inspection

Getting your roof inspected by a professional like J&J Roofing will give you an understanding on how solid roof is and can help you prevent long term damage before it's too late. We want you to have full piece of mind that your roof is made to last!

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Commercial Metal Roof Restoration in South Carolina Before and After


Before metal roof restoration


After metal roof restoration

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I Restore my roof instead of replacing it?


Sometimes you don't have the option of re-roofing. Or maybe you simply are trying to extend the life of the existing roof system. This is where a restoration can be beneficial to help prolong the life of the existing roof and even get a manufacturer’s warranty (typically 10-20 years!). In the end, it is cheaper to restore your roof than to replace it.

What type of coatings do we use?


Premium polyurethane modified acrylic roof coating with a highly reflective bright finish.

can i choose a different color besides white for my roof?


Yes! We actually have several different colors to choose from. (Brown, Blue, Green, Black, Red, Gray, & Tan)

What happens after my warrenty is up?


Our waterproof warranties are Renewable AND Extendable!

Trusted Conklin® Products We Use

Wac II

Wac II™

This product is used in roof-cleaning applications and for proper cleaning of acrylic coatings and approved weathered single-ply membranes.

Rapid Roof

Rapid Roof®

The workhorse of the Conklin roof coatings line, Rapid Roof has proven itself with more than 40 years of trouble-free service. This system carries a UL Class A fire classification. Rapid Roof III in standard white provides an 85% reflective, tack-free, dirt-resistant finish. Continuing to lead in innovation, Rapid Roof III offers several optional top coat colors that also meet the ENERGY STAR requirements for reflectivity and energy efficiency.

Rust Off

Rust Off®

A concentrated metal roof treatment that etches metal, pacifies rust, and removes oxidation. Rust Off is an essential tool in the fight to prevent and treat rust on the roof.

Encase Metal Primer

Encase® Metal Primer

Conklin's superior primer inhibits further spread of the oxidation process. This primer safeguards metal buildings and helps them last longer with a protective barrier that promotes adhesion on metal surfaces and dries in as little as two to four hours. (Use in conjunction with Rust Off®.)

Spunflex Fabric

SpunFlex | Fabric

This fabric is embedded into Benchmark®, Rapid Roof III®, and Rapid Roof® HV to provide exceptional tensile and tear strength.  This results in a membrane that resists splitting and rupturing, adding to the life expectancy of the roof.

Tack Coat

Tack Coat™

Tack Coat promotes adhesion for Conklin's Membrane Coating Roofing System. It quickly and effectively prepares the membrane for application of the highly reflective, energy-saving finish coat.

We’re so confident our Conklin® Roofing System will weatherproof your roof that we have a variety of optional warranties, for up to an 18-year period, which are also renewable and extendable.

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