Roof Repair in Easley, SC

Why Go With Our Roofing Repair?

Sometimes repair is a better option than our restoration. Here are three reasons that a proper roof repair would be beneficial to your business.


Longer Life To Your Roofing System

A roof that is maintained correctly can last for decades. We can help assist you with smaller issues before they grow bigger - and more expensive.


Cheaper Than A Full Replacement

It's much cheaper to get your roof repaired instead of replaced. If we don't see a replacement being essential, we always recommend just going with a repair.


More Professional Look For Your Business

Whether you like to admit it or not, a worn-looking roof can influence your company's reputation. Every part of your business, including your roof, needs to be high-caliber.

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J&J Roofing

South Carolina’s Trusted Roof Repair Team

Roof damage resulting from storms, rodent infestation andgeneral wear and tear can quickly cause larger issues, including significantstructural damage. It’s important to seek quality and timely roof repair to protectyour home or business and to keep everyone inside safe. Our experienced team istrusted to inspect and repair a complete rangeof roofing applications.

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Roof Repair Services

The type and cause of roof damage varies, from visible punctures and holes to less-obvious issues like rust build-up. That’s why the first step in our process is a thorough inspection of your roofing system. Some common issues we find include:

  • Damaged pipe seals
  • Debris
  • Caulk terminations
  • Broken roof shingles
  • Cracked flashing
  • Improperly sealed valleys
  • Improper skylight installation

Leaky Roof Repair

One of the most common issues our clients report is a leaky roof. The cause varies, but leaky roofs are often indicated by water stains extending across ceilings or running down walls. Thorough inspections by professionals like the J & J team properly identify the cause, which could include clogged gutters, cracked flashing, a damaged chimney or condensation in the attic. Our diagnosis helps us promptly develop and execute a repair job that leaves your roof as good as new – and keeps the inside of your building dry.

Types of Roofs We Repair

Our experts are trained to inspect and repair a variety of roof types to protect your building from further damage and increase your roofing system’s lifespan. Below are just a few of the types of roofs we are experienced in repairing.

Metal Roofs

Metal roof repair calls for a significant level of precision. We repair all commercial and residential metal roofs.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs can easily hold a lot of water or debris which makes it easy for leaks to occur. We repair all types of flat roofs (TPO, EPDM, BUR, etc.).

Shingle Roofs

We repair all shingle roofs including residential and commercial buildings.

Ongoing Maintenance

The smallest of symptoms, such as missing shingles, minor cracks or lots of debris, can indicate significant roof damage and lead to other costly repair or restoration jobs over time. That’s why we offer a comprehensive maintenance package, which includes regular, scheduled inspections and cleanings. If we see anything during an inspection that needs addressed, we’ll fix it on the spot or, for larger issues, customize a repair or restoration plan.

Roof Repair FAQs

How Much Will Just A Small Roof Repair Cost?


It's tough to give an exact estimate without actually seeing the damage. But a few factors that go into our pricing include:

-How many leaks need to be stopped
-The actual size of the leaks
-How easy the roof is to access
-How much material is needed to make the repair properly

Do You Do All Types Of Roofing Repairs?


We cover everything from minor leaks to major visible damage.

How Do You Know If You Need a Roof Repair Or A Roof Replacement?


Here's a few signs that you might need more than just a repair:

-Rips in the metal surface
-Loose or missing fasteners

-Visible corrosion
-Crooked or loose metal sheets

Still not sure if your need a repair or replacement? Schedule a consultation with us!

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roof repair and installation
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Your roof is a critical investment in your home or business. A secure roofing system provides insulation, improves energy efficiency and keeps your building safe and dry. When you need repairs, restoration or general maintenance, call our team of experienced contractors to handle the job.

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